1. Crash and Burn

From the recording Talk the Talk (Digital)

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Crash and Burn

There is judgement in your silence
Criticize me with your mood
Threaten with unspoken violence
It’s a constant drawn out feud

Manipulate with your expressions
You know I hate to live this way
About to face another session
You can’t tell me it’s okay

Crash & burn
Live and learn
All for you

You’ve always got me second guessing
It’s a game you like to play
I can feel your eyes assessing
Rating me in every way

Well you say I’m just a woman
But you are barely a man
When you take every moment
To control me when you can

Crash & burn
Live and learn
All for you

Break a bone, well then there’s mending
Bruise a face there’s hell to pay
Harder to see when you’re intending
To break my mind with what you say

You’d think I’d run away from you
You’d think that I would try to fight
Believe me when I say to you
This shit keeps me up at night

Crash & burn
Live and learn
All for you